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Wilhelm Scream in Vancouver

Here is a little show review (a couple weeks late due to Jessica's slow hectic as shit schedule these past weeks) from one of our token Canadian contributors Judy McLaren. She's smart, strong, and has a true punk rock heart. Enjoy!

A Wilhem Scream is one of those band that I’ll always dig. I dug them when they were Smacking Izah and definitely have a soft spot in my musical heart for some good melodic hardcore.

This show was held in a little old school venue, The Wise Hall, in Vancouver BC, Canada. It was our Canadian Thanksgiving and my husband and mines anniversary. An excellent evening for live punk rock! The venue was packed with only the truest fans, drinking cans of local beer with their merch shirts hanging out of their back pockets.

The show had two local opening bands - Anchoress and Molten Lava. Both kicked ass! Molten Lavas drummer was also the singer and this two piece demanded your attention and is worth your time. Anchoress were loud with their double guitar players whaling tunes where you could catch similar riffs of Clutch and Fugazi! Not only did these bands kick ass, they were kind and humble too.

A Wilhelm Scream was everything they have always been, awesome. The crowd exploded with a chorus singalong as the pit opened and folks let’er rip! People right away started climbing the little stage and diving. Slamming around in complete joy, this tiny little venue packed with 150 fans was given’er. These guys played their hearts out and it was evident how grateful they were to their fans and everyone involved in making this show happen.

Ending with a two song encore and a shout out to Come Back Kid for lending them their gear, this was worth more than the $16 ticket (the cost of old school punk rock shows!).

Another thing to give thanks for on this Canadian thanksgiving weekend.

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