Girl-ify Band Shirts

Ever since I met Jessica, I've envied the way she girl-ifies band shirts. I mean, look how hot she is: I always look like a boy with a regular t-shirt on. I've tried to girl-ify shirts and have ruined them, so I've been reluctant to try again. As you may know, my new favorite band is Off With Their Heads. I can't remember EVER falling in love with a band so quickly and thoroughly. Ryan just speaks (yells) to me. So, I ordered some merch, and Ryan was kind enough to send along this (awful) shirt: It's the old-school scratchy, ill-fitting tee. It's probably an old one that was collecting dust in his basement (which is why he sent it for free LOL). So, I put up a Facebook post looking fo

Welcome to our new website!

We weren't able to transfer our old blog posts to this new website easily :( We hope to get to it some day, but for now we are starting fresh! If anyone wants to write a blog post for Mable Syndrome, contact us!

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