Should you meet your heroes?

* Note: this is just a funny pic, this blog is not about Fatty. To meet your favorite artists...or not to meet your favorite artists. That is the question. Can meeting them in person ruin the allure? Can your favorite music, and the passion you feel for it, be altered when you remove the person who wrote said music from the pedestal you put them on. Note I said that you put them on a pedestal. You...meaning me (as in, I do this). There is something about punk musicians that make them seem like the "every man". They are relatable and almost seem attainable; they could be your new best friend. They post funny comments on social media about their life, families, traveling, even parenting

The Day the Music Died

Warning: This is a bit of a real life post. It doesn't matter if you are a hard core listener, an avoid collector, or someone who just blasts a random song you hear on the radio... one thing all of us have in common is that music makes you feel some sort of emotion. I have talked to so many people about this over the years, and what I have learned is that we all experience our music differently. Some people feel something the first time they hear a song , some people have their lives changed seeing a band for the first time, others have strong emotional connections to music from their past. Nostalgia is a tricky bugger, it gets me every single time. Some people cry, laugh, get angry, or sing

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