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Mables’ Top Albums of 2022

This is becoming an annual tradition. Once again, we asked people in the We Are Mable Syndrome Women group to tell us their favorite album of the year and why. (Some people couldn’t narrow it down to just one.)

In no particular order, here’s what they said:

Frank Turner- FTHC. One of the only albums to ever break me down during one of my worst depressions so I could rise again. (Lisa C)

Hands down. Stellar front to back. Emotionally charged and cathartic as hell. (Kim S) This album features everything from pandemic fatigue, a beautiful song of loss, wanting the feelings of community again, forgiveness and just life and love. It's a belter of an album and hits just right. (Karin R)

(Also chosen by Shannon H)

Bob Vylan- Bob Vylan Presents the Price of Life. It's kind of punk grime and was totally DIY. Their songs are about racism, oppression and lack of opportunities (plus other things) and I have listened to it non stop this year. Their song "we live here" really got me into them before the album came out. I just love them. (Laura H)

(Also chosen by Ilse S)

The Interrupters- In the Wild. This is a rare band whose albums I can listen to in their entirety without skipping any songs. And this one is their best. Highly autobiographical for Aimee, who really opened up about her difficult childhood & its long-term impact on her life. (Joan E)

Strung Out- Fat Wreck’s reprints of Element of Sonic Defiance, American Paradox, and Exile in Oblivion and first printing of Over Los Angeles on vinyl. As a vinyl collector and a huge Strung Out fan this was a boon for my collection! (Erin P)

No Trigger- Dr. Album. First release of theirs in six years and I can’t get enough of it. Then getting to see them live this summer again and introduce Emily to them in Europe is such a core memory for me! (Lisa C)

The Carolyn- Rhythm of My Own Decay. The entire release from this Atlanta trio is filled with absolute gems. Snake vs. Rat always gets stuck in my head. They are coming to SXSW in 2023 and I can’t wait to see them live! (Dawn Renee)

Cliffdiver- Exercise Your Demons. I got to know them on tour with Punk Rock Saves Lives in September. Their singer Briana is such a badass and also incredibly sweet. And their music is amazing! (Martha S)

GoatWhore- Angels Hung from the Arches of Heaven. On a huge metal kick this year. (Kristin A)

Dead Cross- II. Ditto. (Kristin A)

Michael Kane & The Morning Afters- Broke But Not Broken. It’s such a gorgeous rock album, it has this really great softness to it. There’s a song about Carol Kaye on it that is a great tribute to an understated legend. (Katie D)

HRZN- Deathwish. My favorite Denver pop punk band, who I did an interview on the Mable Syndrome blog about this summer, came out with an incredible album this year. Fronted by a non-binary femme, also nuerospicy, and you know how important lifting up those voices are to me! Think Paramore but harder. (Wendy M R)

Billy Talent- Crisis of Faith. What a band! (Ilse S)

Dissidente- The War on Two Fronts. (Jess G)

Suicide Machines/Coquettish split- Gebo Gomi. (Jess G)

Old Wives- Mega Low Maniac. (Shannon H)

Hot Water Music- Feel the Void. (Shannon H)

Clueless- Groundhogdays. (Ilse S)

Dan Andriano- Dear Darkness. (Ilse S)

Mercy Music- Melody & Truth. (Ilse S)

The Linda Lindas- Growing Up. (Ilse S)

Venomous Pinks- Vita Mors. (Ilse S)

Mudfight- Time for Revolution. (Ilse S)

Nova Twins- Supernova. (Ilse S)

Petrol Girls- Baby. (Ilse S)

Buster Shuffle- Go Steady. (Ilse S)

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