Kanan's Top 5 Albums of 2019

Such great music was released in 2019! This list was pretty difficult for me to compile. I went back and forth for a while, until finally solidifying my top five for the year. I hope you all enjoy my picks, and hopefully have a chance to check out these albums and these bands (if you haven't already). MOBINA GALORE - DON'T WORRY Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Label: New Damage/Gunner Records Release Date: September 6, 2019 Favorite Track: "Completely Disconnected" Favorite Lyric(s): "Let's keep the past in the past, and talk about something new. I'm sick from being constantly down and feeling sorry for myself." ("Just Went Away") THE LUCKY EEJITS - OUT OF TIME Location: Oakland, CA Lab

Be Good To Each Other: Finding Punk Community at Fest

Punk festivals are chaotic, and it’s exactly this unpredictability that we love. The Fest in Gainesville, Florida, is certainly no exception, and the unpredictability factor might actually be higher because Fest is organized between 18 different venues over three days, and everyone’s experience of the weekend is a little different. For me, this year promised two nights of Against Me! sets followed by a solo Laura Jane Grace solo show on the last day. Chaos in the pit is a given. Night one was Searching For A Former Clarity and New Wave. My husband and I were a few people back from the rail, a little to the side, mostly out of the path of crowd surfers, but still very much in the surge of the

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