That Time I Got Kicked Out of a Show . . .

Back in July, Kristen posted a “You get a point for each thing you’ve done at a concert” graphic, which made for some amazing storytelling in the Mable facebook group. Here’s the first of what I hope to be a series, collecting some of our best stories from the most interesting categories, and obviously starting with “the time I got kicked out...”! Rachael: I was at a Christian punk show in the 90's with a few of my friends, one of them being a hard core punker with huge liberty spikes, chains, the whole bit. Everyone else in the venue (aka: church amphitheater) was as you guessed it, very plain-clothed and looked as though they had possibly never heard punk rock before. I had been going t

Is it too much?

Lately I've been told that Mable Syndrome is spending too much time on serious posts: those political in nature and those related to rights and justice. Too much Black Lives Matter. Too much Assault Survivors. Too much Women's Rights. Too much Police Reform. Too much Pro-Trans. Too much Calling out Abusers. My response? No. It's not too much. Kindly unfollow. Thank you. Kristen

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