You go to shows ALONE???

The other day I was listening to a podcast where women were talking about going to concerts (not punk rock; we are the only podcast that does that;) ), and one said to the other, "I'd never go to a show alone." They spent some time discussing it, but the conclusion they came to was, yeah, women shouldn't go to shows alone. For me, it wasn't a choice. In college, no one around me liked the music I liked. I'd beg and plead for people to go with me (listen to the podcast episode with my poor sister who's been dragged to more punk shows than any preppy pretty girl should). But, there was no way in hell I was going to miss the chance to see a favorite band, and if that meant going alone, so b

The Family That Discovers Punk Together, Stays Together.

If you listen to the podcast, it’s inevitable that you’ve heard a handful of conversations that start with “how did you end up getting into music?” Often times, it was friends from high school passing around mix tapes. The digital age has certainly made finding new music easier but there’s something about sticking a cassette tape into the player of your 1980-something car, with super tinny speakers that can’t be replaced. I wasn’t lucky enough to have friends in high school to show me the way, but I had an older brother. We grew up playing Kaboom! on Atari and got to see the first Nintendo release. The suburb we grew up in was close to a little strip mall, about a block away from Lake Eri

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