Punk Rock Girl Bucket List

We thought it would be fun to put together a "punk girl bucket list" with all the things we have wanted or dreamed of. My first dream was to sing in a punk band, but I've let that dream die, finally. We know that some of these things won't happen either, but it's fun to dream. PS. Don't give us any grief for not wishing world peace and equality, that goes without saying obviously. 1. Sing the girl part of "Lori Meyers" on stage with NOFX. 2. Pick all the songs for a face to face set list and be in the front row to hear it. 3. Get drunk with The Bombpops (we kinda did this one but we want more). 4. Wear a pink balaclava and sing the girl part of "Heart Shaped Guitar" with Masked Intruder. 5

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