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Our Unified Uterus Fight

By Angela Rose Red

Photo: Not your stereotype by Angela Rose Red

Stripped of reproductive rights in an instant

Thrusted into the systematic shadows of 1973

Disregarded crushed cries from sisters all over America

Defeated into feeling like second-rate citizens once again

The right to choose

Is something we will all will lose

Enraged for the terrified teenager who is ill-equipped and no longer has a choice

Pained for the scared soul who is forced to carry an embryo she cannot afford

Sickened for the frightened feminist who expressed her sexual rights and the condom broke

Alarmed for the merciful mother-to-be who found out she has a fatal fetus growing in her womb

Mortified for the repulsed rape survivor who rightfully feels assaulted by her predator and country

This is a war against fascists

Trying to oppress the masses

Humiliated by the unlawful legislation who are dividing us by state

Offended by the narcissistic notion that guns hold more clout than women

Worried for the flooded foster care system underappreciated and ill prepared

Angered by the misogynist men who forcefully shove religion into our uteruses

Abortion is a basic healthcare right

That now relentlessly fuels our unified fight


The unjust overturning of Roe vs. Wade and loss of constitutional abortion rights has America in shambles. Feeling numb, angry, anxious, distraught, depressed, confused, none of, or all of the above? Please know, you are seen and not alone. Regardless of what unruly laws our government has in store, they will not silence us. Your voice and actions have power. In the next slide, there are some resources to help educate, provide support, and offer ways you can be a part of the fight.

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