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Mables’ Favorite Albums of 2021

Recorded music was very important this year as live shows were few & far between thanks to the ongoing pandemic. We asked women in the We Are Mable Syndrome Women Facebook group for their favorite album of the year. (Some couldn’t narrow it down to just one.) In no particular order, here’s what they told us.

Belvedere-Hindsight Is the Sixth Sense (Shannon)

I will always have a huge place in my heart for Belvedere. They're from my hometown and I grew up going to their shows. Their latest release shows exactly why they still hit the same way after all these years. It's an absolute blast, start to finish, full of catchy melodies and speedy guitar work. (Also chosen by Cynthia C. and Ali D.)

Turn Up That Dial-Dropkick Murphys (Linda L.)

One of the best things to come out of the pandemic lockdown was hearing the songs on this album in multiple livestreams, with great closeups of the interactions between band members. DKM has survived, stronger and more energetic than they have been in years, and true to their punk roots, they are still having fun in a slightly irreverent manner that can't help but get you dancing.

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones-When God Was Great (Joan)

Back in the days when you had to buy a whole CD to get one song, this album would have been worth buying just to get “The Final Parade”- the Bosstones’ 8-minute song that has a long list of ska luminaries singing or playing on it. There’s plenty of other good material, too, though. I particularly like the reggae song “Lonely Boy” which I assumed was about Kingston, Jamaica until I realized it’s about Kingston, Mass.

Face to Face-No Way Out But Through (Leslie F.W.)

I love Face to Face! They have always been my favorite punk band! 2021 was a rough year and their music always brightens my mood! I'm very sad it's their last album, but so grateful for all their great music! (Also chosen by Kim S.)

Adele-30 (Elodie)

I’m a softie. On top of being my fave record of 2021, she instantly makes my daughter stop crying so I’m even more in love with her than I already was, if it’s possible.

Dave Hause-Blood Harmony (Stephanie N.F.)

It’s a beautiful collection of songs that finds that soft spot in your gut. (Also chosen by Kim S.)

Chaser-Dreamers (Emily H.)

Dreamers IS my fave full length album by far! Perfect rhythm and driving, “beat the system” vibes to push me during workouts. (Also chosen by Kellie S., Cynthia C. and Ali D.)

Babe Patrol-Secrets (Bridgette S.)

It's uplifting and powerful. Ladies don't have to take shit anymore and it's ok to scream it out! Also vagina problems.

Bronx-Bronx VI (Erin)

The new Bronx album rips with so much energy.

The Descendents-9th and Walnut (Erin)

Just classic. While mostly old, unreleased material, it brings up that lost feeling of being a teenager and driving around in my car hopped up on caffeine and nicotine.

Ceschi Ramos-This Guitar Was Stolen (Kristin A.)

He's a badass rapper/songwriter with punk roots and this album is mostly acoustic stuff. But his lyrics are the shizz.

Five Iron Frenzy-Until This Shakes Apart (Leanor)

I’m biased.

The Dirty Nil-Fuck Art (Kristen)

Love him or hate him, I think we can all agree that Fat Mike has good taste in music. So, the fact that when he heard this band he instantly signed them to FAT has to be a good indicator that you will like them too. Catchy, raw rock n roll with a punk rock twist, The Dirty Nil are everything we‘ve been wanting in a young band. Luke’s vocals and guitar riffs are next level. Catch these guys live and you’ll wish you had a label to instantly sign them to as well.

The Copyrights-Alone in a Dome (Isabel H.)

We Are the Union-Ordinary Life (Isabel H.)

Turnstile-Glow On (Alison M.)

Joystick-I Can’t Take It Anymore (Alison M.)

Quicksand-Distant Populations (Katie Elizabeth M.)

The Last Gang-Noise Noise Noise (Kim S.)


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