“Is That Your Boyfriend’s Guitar?" And Other Annoying Questions

As a Mable, I think it goes without saying that I love shows. And as far as shows go, I think I’ve seen them from almost every seat in the house. I’ve played them in bands. I’ve booked and promoted them. I’ve worked the door, house-managed, been pit security, sound crew, hospitality, and cleaned up cigarette butts in the parking lot. I’ve been that merch girl posted up in the back. And I couldn’t begin to count the number of shows I’ve been an audience member for. Shows are where I feel most at home and, more often than not, I feel almost out of sorts at them without a job to do. My husband is an audio-engineer/former tour-manager/musician and this was one of our first deep connections- maki

The Current State of Mable Syndrome

I’ve always been a loner, and now it’s official. I’ll be running Mable by myself. All is good, no drama, friends forever. But I’ll be doing this alone. I thought for a while that I might give it up. And, no promises because it might prove to be too much and I might have to end it or hand it off at some point. But for now I trudge on with my mission of creating a proud and strong platform for women to talk about punk rock and a community that supports those efforts. Women, men, trans, they, kids... I don’t care what you are, but if you feel that women are misunderstood, misrepresented, and/or underrepresented in the punk rock scene, then this is where you belong, supporting us. All of our eff

Mable 10: Essential Summer Albums

It’s almost summer, which means fun, sun(screen), Punk Rock Bowling, adventure, and your ass sticking to your vinyl car seats. In no particular order, here are some crucial albums to make it through and make it a good time. Uke-Hunt (Self-Titled) If you haven’t heard Uke-Hunt but enjoy Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, do yourself a favor and check out their own teen dream, Spike Slawson’s, loungey side project. You know all the words already. You won’t be able to resist Spike’s ukulele and 50s-era pool party charm. And the rhythm will catch you. A total crowd pleaser for a mellow backyard bbq. Lawn flamingos not included. https://uke-hunt.bandcamp.com/album/uke-hunt $wingin’ Utter$- Fistful of

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