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The Current State of Mable Syndrome

I’ve always been a loner, and now it’s official. I’ll be running Mable by myself. All is good, no drama, friends forever. But I’ll be doing this alone.

I thought for a while that I might give it up. And, no promises because it might prove to be too much and I might have to end it or hand it off at some point. But for now I trudge on with my mission of creating a proud and strong platform for women to talk about punk rock and a community that supports those efforts.

Women, men, trans, they, kids... I don’t care what you are, but if you feel that women are misunderstood, misrepresented, and/or underrepresented in the punk rock scene, then this is where you belong, supporting us. All of our efforts for followers and podcast listeners have been genuine and grassroots. We only want those who want and see the value in us.

As I continue to use the royal “we” I realize that it’s just me. I make the decisions about what I want this to be. I have an amazing team of about ten women who I rely on daily to guide me, support me and offer me advice. My tribe. I’m not a leader, just the tally counter and final decision maker. There have also been a few wonderful men who have helped me a lot. Mable Syndrome is you. If you believe in women, you are cursed with it, riddled with it.

After all, we are all alone in this world. Ultimately, it’s just you. You may have a person or a tribe there by your side. Or you may not. But you trudge on because the good parts are worth it. You are worth it.

I am alone and I’m okay with that. Please be patient with me as I am always trying my best. I am a mom, I own a company, I work two jobs, I am navigating great personal strife. I’m not perfect but I hate making mistakes and try (too hard) not to disappoint anyone. If you’ve reached out and didn’t get a response, or if I’ve promised you something and didn’t deliver, a kind reminder is appreciated.

I’m operating on half a tank, not sure who to trust or who I can rely on. But that’s life sometimes. I have to do this for me. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. I’m shy and angst-ridden, yet I’ve gone outside my comfort zone to create this community. I’m constantly making mistakes; I’m continually learning as I go. I’ve gone against the wishes of family and friends who feel I shouldn’t do this. So I may be tearing myself down, but if it’s the hill I choose to die on, then it’s one I’m damn passionate about.

Ultimately, I’m thankful for each and every one of you who believe in the community I’ve created and the mission I believe in. Those who found me at PRB to tell me in person, those who write emails and DM me to tell me how important this is to them. And most importantly, all the women who have said “I want to contribute.” The fact that we have opened that idea up to other women is what it’s all about. You’re the ones who keep me going. Thank you.

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