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Punk Rock Girl Bucket List

We thought it would be fun to put together a "punk girl bucket list" with all the things we have wanted or dreamed of. My first dream was to sing in a punk band, but I've let that dream die, finally. We know that some of these things won't happen either, but it's fun to dream. PS. Don't give us any grief for not wishing world peace and equality, that goes without saying obviously.

1. Sing the girl part of "Lori Meyers" on stage with NOFX.

2. Pick all the songs for a face to face set list and be in the front row to hear it.

3. Get drunk with The Bombpops (we kinda did this one but we want more).

4. Wear a pink balaclava and sing the girl part of "Heart Shaped Guitar" with Masked Intruder.

5. Skateboard holding hands with Millencolin.

6. Get serenaded by Joey Cape with a guitar.

7. Be "Evo girl" and crowd surf during Less Than Jake.

8. Play laser tag with Bad Cop Bad Cop.

9. Live in a world where all punk rock shows start at 5pm, are over at 7pm, so we can be in bed by 8pm and still manage to be a present parent the next day.

10. Have another vinyl collector gift me their complete collection.

11. Create a punk rock version of Lilith Fair... Blondie, Bad Cop Bad Cop, The Muffs, Save Ferris, The Bombpops, Joan Jett, Cayetana, Against Me, Veruca Salt, Gwen Stefani, Cinder Block with Tilt, Shirley Manson. The list goes on.

12. Go on a punk rock cruise, which includes the presidential suite with a butler and private water slide.

13. Have unlimited funds for tattoos, hair dye, band merch and makeup.

14. Own band t-shirts from all our favourite bands, and have them FIT US WELL!

15. Not have to constantly explain to people that we actually like the music and no, we aren't there to fuck the band or because our boyfriend made us go.

16. Not have to worry about some ass wad in the crowd grinding against us like a perv or 'accidentally' grabbing us while watching a show.

17. Find a decent bra that doesn't give way while fighting your way to the front of the stage. Yes boys, this happens.

18. Somehow manage to re-create all those punk rock mix tapes boys made us in high school that we played on repeat in mom and dad's car.

19. Perfectly hack up mens band t-shirts every single time you attempt to create a new one that fits you. This goes bad often. I dream of a world where it works out each and every time.

20. Create a community of like minded women, who love punk rock, love themselves, and love each other.

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