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Girl-ify Band Shirts

Ever since I met Jessica, I've envied the way she girl-ifies band shirts. I mean, look how hot she is:

I always look like a boy with a regular t-shirt on. I've tried to girl-ify shirts and have ruined them, so I've been reluctant to try again.

As you may know, my new favorite band is Off With Their Heads. I can't remember EVER falling in love with a band so quickly and thoroughly. Ryan just speaks (yells) to me. So, I ordered some merch, and Ryan was kind enough to send along this (awful) shirt:

It's the old-school scratchy, ill-fitting tee. It's probably an old one that was collecting dust in his basement (which is why he sent it for free LOL). So, I put up a Facebook post looking for suggestions about how to girl-ify band shirts. Note: I am NOT a sewer, and I tend to do projects hastily (hence why I've fucked up shirts before). So, anything that requires anything more than cutting the shirt isn't possible for me.

Our good friend Sarah posted these instructions:

"First I cut a scoop neck - I always cut deeper down in the front than I do in the back, but that's just personal preference, it doesn't really matter if they're the same or not. Then I decide how wide I want the "straps" of the tank and cut off the sleeves accordingly. This part can be tricky depending on how baggy the sleeve is, because you want the shirt to be narrow enough to fit your trunk, but if you cut off the sleeve too much (in this case, too much of the white) it can compromise the body so you have to be careful, but I always use pins to mark everything. Then I turn the shirt inside out and put it on and use pins to mark it on my own shape how wide I want it to be, and sew a new seam to fit. I always sew a slightly curved inseam to give it a "waist" as opposed to a straight seam, because then it would just still be boxy, just less wide, you know? Hope this helps!!"

Super cute, right??

I'm not sophisticated enough to add cinching or sew anything, but any ladies who do have those skills, I highly recommend trying Sarah's technique.

However, I recently did some cutting of my own, and I like how it turned out, so here's what I did:

1. Start with boring band shirt.

2. Make cap sleeve

3. Lay cut-off on top of other sleeve and cut so they match up

4. Find middle of shirt and where you want you V-neck to go down to

5. Mark with chalk and cut just the front from shoulder to chalk mark

6. Cut the back of the tee, but stay as close to neckline as possible

And there you have it, a no-sew, super easy way to girl-ify a band tee. It's a little boobalicious for my taste typically, but embrace it, right!?

What should I do with my OWTH shirt?? Same thing?

XO Kristen

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