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I think my older brother used to vote Republican

I live in Georgia, more specifically, metro Atlanta. Right now, we are making history. It's been 28 years since our last blue vote, and in such a crucial election, we've (so far) made the right choice. It wasn't until the Jr Bush was elected that I really started to pay attention. Why? Here's a list. We all love those. 1.  Rights to women's health care resources, abortions and reproductive rights were practically abolished. 2. The cancelation of crucial stem cell research that could have changed the lives of many, for the better. 3. The rejection of Kyoto Protocol. 4. The absolute disaster of the handling of Hurricane Katrina and its victims. These were my biggest grievances, and I'm sure there are others.   This month, our country has said no more to Trump. His hate filled speeches, his racist and sexist rants are no longer welcome. I couldn't be more proud.   I told my kids, we have our FIRST BLACK FEMALE VICE PRESIDENT! I was so thrilled. My husband and I had a good conversation, and we recognized there's