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“Hi, My Name is…”

By: Joey

Hey, guys. Don’t take offense to my saying “guys,” please; I’m from New York. My name is Joey Danielle. When I was a kid, I hated my name, Joey. Everybody, before seeing me, already pictured a boy, so they were almost always shocked to find out otherwise. Ugh. It didn’t help, either, that, once I turned 8, my parents chopped off my hair, and I wore it super short for a decade. I acquired my middle name in my twenties-fun story, but a later story.

I am 43 years old. Lucky enough to be mistaken for early thirties, I’m often told. But, growing up in the 80s and 90s was tough. Now, if I was a boy, I might not have just said that, but, ladies, you know, especially with music, people never expected us to like Metal, Rap, Punk.

I am number 2 of 5 children in my immediate family and the quietest one. My older brother-best brother, by the way-however, didn’t accept that I was nothing but a “girl.” He taught me how to play Dungeons & Dragons so he’d have somebody to play with, I wore his hand-me-down T-shirts, I listened to Pink Floyd, Rush, everything he did, on records, no doubt. Watched Star Wars over and over, haha, and we played Atari and, later, Sega.

I am a writer and published author, so writing and music are my main outlets. My life is full of stories, good, bad, weird, unbelievable, all kinds; I hope to share, even the many traumatizing ones.

However, music has pulled me out of some pretty, dark places. I like most genres, love some, dislike some, but music is often playing in my house.

I forgot when I was introduced to Punk, but, probably, nobody would have guessed that’s one of my favorites. I want to think, though, Ramones was the first punk band I heard. Incidentally, “I Wanna be Sedated” came out the year I was born. And I was so excited to learn the lead singer’s name, Joey. It isn’t really, but, anyway. Yes, I’m super goofy; if I meet somebody named Joey, I’m like, “Hey, Joey. I’m Joey.” I get the biggest kick out of that, for some reason, haha. I never met Joey Ramone, but I saw Ramones and Rancid play Lollapalooza ’96, one of Ramones last tours ever. I was freaking out, though; Lars Frederiksen walked right past me before Rancid played their set. My mom-yes, one of the few, cool things I remember my mom doing-took me. My older brother, Tony, went, too. Mom said, “Wow, that guy has a pink Mohawk.” I shrieked, “Mom, that’s Lars from Rancid!” But did I run after him? No, and I’m still kicking myself. Although, maybe, he would have been upset when I asked if he’d grab Tim Armstrong for me, haha.

My first concert, I was 17; I hope to gush more to you about it, as well as other bands I love, and so much more.


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