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Dissent. Again.

This conversation is exhausting.

It is absolutely exhausting and it is obscene that it still needs to be had.

If you know me, you know that I love our children.

You’d know that I love everyone’s children.

You’d know that I spend countless hours advocating, volunteering, fundraising and supporting the educators who support our children and then some.

Why do I do this???

I do it because I believe they are ALL important and valuable and I believe they are our future. They are LIFE. I know I’m not the only one who feels the same.

What you might not know, or assume, is that without the medical freedoms like the ones that are under attack, this wouldn’t be possible.

Flat out.

I would not be here.

I would cease to exist.

Not for our kids or for yours or anyone else’s.

I wouldn’t be here for OUR kids. I wouldn’t be here to fight for *YOUR* kids and the bright future they DESERVE. I simply would not.

Frankly; I’m TIRED of relaying my story.

Honestly. It isn’t as unique as you might think. Plenty of women have experienced the same or similar.

It is painful none the god damn less.

I shouldn’t have to relay it to anyone. I shouldn’t have to justify it. No one should. But when I do, I hear “well that’s different”.

HA! Is it though??

The BIG decisions being made have to be made between a woman and her doctor.

Not a woman and some guy she will never meet in her neighborhood, or her local, state, or federal government, her insurance company, or some attorneys. Period.

Between a woman and her doctor.

And even STILL!

I saw upwards of 25 doctors during my second pregnancy. Each of them told me they wouldn’t see me for a third because of my medical history and known complications.

Again- I saw 25+ doctors that would not see me under any circumstances in the future. In more than one state. What choice do I have???

As a happily married woman, who enjoys our kids and being a mother… I can’t find a doctor who will see me because no one wants the liability! Mind you we were living in the south!!

Fine. Whatever. I can’t stand how obsessed with our boys anyway. I’ll survive. We’ll just need to get on a good permanent BC plan so I don’t die, since no one will see me. Oh wait. You won’t tie my tubes because it’s a catholic hospital 🫠 oops. Bummer. (????)

*Y’all 😂 why is someone asking for me to die. I don’t get it* I digress.

I am LUCKY to have the support system that I do. Not everyone can say that. Not everyone enjoys the privileges that I do. I know that. And that’s exactly why I do what I do and why I’m writing today.

I understand and appreciate that not everyone agrees with abortion. That’s okay. I’m not here to virtue signal, no matter how many may do it to me.

Rather, I advocate. I volunteer. I speak my mind and I tell my story.

But to what end?

I’m just going to keep doing what I know is right and just. I’m going to keep volunteering and fighting for kids and for families.

If you’re not willing to speak up for and advocate for a child at 39+ weeks, or a mother, you shouldn’t get a say at 12 weeks.

If you’re willing to compromise an entire family to save an unviable fetus, what exactly are you saving?

This is bat shit.

You know. I didn’t knit a 😻 hat before. But you bet your ass I’m downloading a pattern from someone on Etsy TONIGHT.


A mother of boys.

Who will become men.

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