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On the day this blog comes out, Mable Syndrome will be premiering the Divided Heaven song, Creep. Check it out here or here. We also are releasing a podcast episode with Jeff Berman of Divided Heaven where Jessica and I explore the writing and production of the song.

However, I felt like there was more to say, and for people without the time to listen to a podcast, perhaps a quick read through this blog will provide more insight into the background of the song and why it's being premiered on Mable Syndrome. For the purposes of simplicity within this blog, and because the song is about a "he," I will simplify and generalize about the creeps being men in a position of power (like a musician, as is indicated in the song). However, obviously, "creeps" can be anyone, and the victim of the creep can be anyone. This is not intended to be a call-out of all men, nor of all musicians.