On the day this blog comes out, Mable Syndrome will be premiering the Divided Heaven song, Creep. Check it out here or here. We also are releasing a podcast episode with Jeff Berman of Divided Heaven where Jessica and I explore the writing and production of the song.

However, I felt like there was more to say, and for people without the time to listen to a podcast, perhaps a quick read through this blog will provide more insight into the background of the song and why it's being premiered on Mable Syndrome. For the purposes of simplicity within this blog, and because the song is about a "he," I will simplify and generalize about the creeps being men in a position of power (like a musician, as is indicated in the song). However, obviously, "creeps" can be anyone, and the victim of the creep can be anyone. This is not intended to be a call-out of all men, nor of all musicians.

Only the creeps.

You're not the only one

One of the things that comes with having a podcast and running Mable Syndrome is that women from around the world reach out and share things about themselves. I absolutely love hearing from people and learning about their love of punk rock.

Quite frequently, I hear this..."So.... I'm hooking up with/ more than friends with/ talking to (member of band)." And they continue, "...even though he's married/ in a relationship, he says that I'm the only girlfriend. I've teased him about having women in every city and we laughed about it, but I know I'm the only one. He acts shy and humble around me. He opens up to me, makes me feel special. His bandmates even know who I am and that we are together. He has taken me to dinner/ on the bus. He and his wife are only together for the kids. I feel so bad for him." Does this sound familiar to you? I hear the same things over...and over... and over again. You're not the only one. In fact, I've been told this same narrative about the same musician from different women.

Why do people fall for it? Why does our conscience tell us "they have women in every city" but we talk ourselves out of that reality? We have idolized these people and put them up on this pedestal. You're falling in love with a fairytale where you have the strongest connection in the world with this person. He can have anyone, but he chose you. Who wouldn't want to feel that special?