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Coming Back Home to Punk

Way back in July, Kristen asked the Mable Syndrome Facebook group where we first learned about the Mable Syndrome podcast and what our first impressions were. I spent some time thinking about it, then spent time thinking about the impact Mable Syndrome has had in my life, then I thought about blog post I’d like to write about it, and then, well, I got caught up in 2020 and completely forgot about it. A few weeks ago, Kristen encouraged me to contribute something and it reminded me of the post I thought about back in July. So here I am writing a personal story that will be read by friends, complete strangers, and far more people than I like to think about. I’m a private person and “sharing” tends to be something that makes me shudder. Yet, Mable Syndrome and the bad ass women involved, despite having never met most of them, have become a community where I feel comfortable sharing a version of myself most people don’t know - a strong, punk rock woman.