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Satanic Surfers - Vancouver BC - April 2019

It’s rare I miss the opening bands when I get tickets to any show. I really enjoy listening and discovering bands I might not of otherwise had the opportunity too. This Satanic Surfers show did not disappoint. One of my favourite venues in Vancouver to see shows at is the Rickshaw Theatre. It’s a hidden gem in the downtown east side that’s theatre room/ venue area is on a slight incline, giving awesome views no matter where you stand and how vertically challenged you might be, in 50+ yr old historical china town landmark.

A local band, new to me, opened the evening called Blacked Out. Fun group of guys singing songs of growing up in Vancouver, one sporting a Whilhelm Scream shirt, and playing riffs that brought back a nostalgic feeling of basement house party shows. Followed were The Corps. I’d heard of this band but hadn’t seen them live. These guys were awesome and clearly had quiet a crew of people there who totally dug them. Singing songs about comic books and sporting glowing emerald green rings on their left hands, this band was tight and had a Jimmy Eat World kinda feel. There was rumour that 3 out of the 4 members had all spent time playing in The Real MacKenzie’s. Funny!

Then came Belvedere. I’ve always loved these Albertan punks. These guys are tight, fast, gracious, and so talented. If your not smiling along with the singer your absolutely captivated by their drummer. Highly recommend giving these guys a listen if you haven’t already.

The Satanic Surfers have been a band I’ve wanted to see for decades, so I was stoked to get to this long awaited show. They kicked it off with, And the cheese fell down, off of their 1996 album, Hero of our time.

The singer, Rodrigo Alfaro’s giant high kicks and amazing vocals paired with the three guitar powerhouse, were so awesome! My favourite song of the night though was Don’t Skate On My Ramp. They killed it and then came back for a two song encore.

To top off an already incredible show, these dudes had women’s merch shirts that actually fit women’s bodies, not children. Amazing! Can we see more of this please?!

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