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Mable 5: Top 5 Tee-Shirts


5. THE BOMBPOPS – “Dear Beer” tee

I love my Bombpops “Dear Beer” tee. I have a slight feeling that it was inspired by “Die, Die my Darling” by the Misfits. These are still available at Stupid Rad Merch! BUY HERE

4. THE MENZINGERS – Say Anything/Jason tee

Apparently, I’m a sucker for a good parody tee. I own two of their Jason tees (one where he’s holding a bouquet of roses), but this one takes the cake.

3. LAGWAGON – May 16thtee

This tee was the first surprise merch item from their 20th Anniversary celebration of “Let’s Talk about Feelings.” They’ve had other items for sale in honor of LTAF, but I like this tee the best.

2. STACEY DEE – Stacey Fuckin’ Dee tee

Stacey Dee is rad. I bought a tee shirt to help her out when she was in the hospital in 2018. I have seen so many people wear these at shows; this tee is now a staple! BUY HERE

  1. AGAINST ME! – Denver, CO split tee (“Cowboy” and “New Wave”)

I had to fly all the way to Colorado to buy this shirt. This tee commemorates the two-night show that Against Me! played in Denver Colorado. I hardly wear this one, but I cherish it SO much.

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