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music & yoga are good for you

Welcome to Mable Syndrome's health and wellness campaign for punks.

Personal wellbeing is of paramount consideration right now and participating in practices that elevate your health contributes to the collective health of everyone and our environment.

My name is Maria Johnson and I have been teaching yoga for over 20 years. I'm a devoted mother of four. I have traveled the world hosting retreats in Italy, Croatia and Costa Rica. My experience includes working with professional athletes and celebrities, a two term Lululemon ambassadorship and founding the Settled Life 200 hour yoga teacher training.


I'm also a highschool dropout that moved out at 16. I'm also the badass that went back to school while raising four kids and graduated Cum Laude with a degree in History. 

Lotuses bloom from the mud ... and this one never grew out of listening to punk rock.


I'm also a vocalist, you can catch me singing really loud in my car all the time... usually with Danzig. 

I'm here to share wellness tips and punk playlists, share yoga and chat healthy lifestyle and parenting with incredible women in the industry and scene including musicians from our favorite bands.


what you seek is seeking you


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