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Staisha Grosch: Dharma Punx

A Meditation Group for Non-Conformists

Our own Daniela, sweetheart friend of Mable Syndrome (read more about Dani here) attends an awesome Dharma Punx group and wanted to spread the word about this organization.  She recently interviewed Staisha Grosch, one of the founders of the Dharma Punx practice in Southern Florida.  Shaisha opens up about her favorite punk music, how punk and buddhism are related and her favorite punk rock woman.  Watch below.  Click here to learn more about SOFLA Dharma Punx. 

What is Dharma Punx?

Dharma Punx is a peer-organized Buddhist meditation group, dedicated to training the heart and mind to respond to life with mindfulness, wisdom, and compassion. 

It is a community of like-minded spiritual rebels committed to going against the stream — against the greed, hatred, and delusion that create and perpetuate so much suffering in our lives and in our world.



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