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Heather Timmons,
Owner, TinyOak Booking

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1. Please give us a brief introduction to the role you have in the music industry. 

I am a local music promoter, booking agent, and live sound engineer. I operate under my own company, TinyOak Booking, which I started back in 2016. Previously, I worked under WEMF Radio + Full Scene Ahead. 



2. How did you come into that role? 

I started with an internship with a local music booking & promotions group called Full Scene Ahead which later transitioned into a local internet radio station called WEMF Radio. 


3. Did anyone inspire you or help you get to where you are now? 

When thinking back to my favorite bands growing up, I remember focusing on the "behind the scenes" people and what it would be like to take on that role. So the people in those crews definitely inspired me to consider this as a career path. 

Dave Crespo helped make that a reality by giving me an internship which later turned into us becoming business partners. 


4. What kind of music do you enjoy personally? 

I get to experience a nice mix of music genres due to my work environment which is pretty cool. So I tend to listen to all types of music, it usually depends on my mood haha. My go-to genre is probably some form of alt/indie-rock or post-rock like Slothrust, Slowdive, and Julien Baker.


5. What do you love about punk rock? Live punk rock shows are probably my favorite shows to attend. They are really fun but also feel very cathartic and inclusive. 



6. What are your professional goals in the music industry? 

This is a hard one for me to answer because I feel like it changes all the time as I learn about new roles and what opportunities are out there. I definitely want to continue my path as an audio engineer and I hope to work in bigger venues or different environments doing audio work in the future.



7. What are your other passions and hobbies? 

I spent my childhood and college years playing sports, so I'm definitely still passionate about that. I also enjoy being outdoors, gardening, playing board games and video games.

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