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My 2020 Top Musick

What the fuck Spotify! I listen to Bad Cop Bad Cop, Atmosphere and Get Dead non-stop what the hell !! Fuckin capitalist.

Well, I'd love to share a little bit about why my music list is looking this way this year. Let's start with this March as the rest of the world was dealing with the virus. I was catching my husband of 8 yrs with a lover. Then, a reaction I never imagined of trying to fix my fucked up marriage! There, fuckin agony and pain of being cheated on to the point where I wanted to just die! No biggie I'm good now! How many of us had to pick ourselves up off the linoleum this year though?! For real I had anxiety for the first time in my life like non-stop I couldn't sleep I was losing weight. And these things are: Once you turn them on they're hard to turn off and God knows the rest of us were all going through that for bitch Rona! All I can say is do whatever you need to keep going!