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My 2020 Top Musick

What the fuck Spotify! I listen to Bad Cop Bad Cop, Atmosphere and Get Dead non-stop what the hell !! Fuckin capitalist.

Well, I'd love to share a little bit about why my music list is looking this way this year. Let's start with this March as the rest of the world was dealing with the virus. I was catching my husband of 8 yrs with a lover. Then, a reaction I never imagined of trying to fix my fucked up marriage! There, fuckin agony and pain of being cheated on to the point where I wanted to just die! No biggie I'm good now! How many of us had to pick ourselves up off the linoleum this year though?! For real I had anxiety for the first time in my life like non-stop I couldn't sleep I was losing weight. And these things are: Once you turn them on they're hard to turn off and God knows the rest of us were all going through that for bitch Rona! All I can say is do whatever you need to keep going! I started smoking tobacco again! 2020 made me & us invincible, or at least BAD ASS’es! The 99% of us that had to focus on how we'd survive! This music is what helped me get through as music always does! I'm fuckin pissed I didn't have live music to go dance my ass off!! So I did it at home, well probably more sacred. I go to another realm when I'm dancing with you all musicians in real time. The live streams have been something to soothe my beast. Ultimately i recommend going to Nature, screaming and dancing with really loud music if possible! On to Top ALBUMS of my year…. The Ride. BAD COP BAD COP Yeah!! They are so brilliant on a few levels😍 Hell their name alone. Epic 4 this year! I'm stoked I preordered that so I can get all the swag. We all know they're Bad Ass and as a woman, I love supporting women punk bands. Then they support so much back 2 community, truly walking their talk💋 Whenever. Atmosphere had a new album too! Wherever I listen to all his albums non-stop after meeting my spiritual hot fuck love rebound. So now I can't listen to Slug 😭 I fuckin love his riffs on reality, He can straight up nail a Free flow! So hot! Dancing with the Curse. Get Dead Most exciting take over in our punk scene this year like a DOM is Get Dead ! When I saw these guys at Dante's in Portland 2017 opening for Agent Orange blew my mind😜 Seeing Sam King live was unnerving explosive energy. His vocals were the most raw I've had the honor to witness by a dude and his fast rap so dope for any music lover of various genres. Seeing them collide rap and punk is one of my favorite combos. Stoked and honored that Dancing with the curse has not 1 but 2 videos in Portland. Epic music videos too!! But not as fucking sick as teaming up once again like they blew us away at PBR with Indecline!! Tix on sale! Who’s goin? GetDead shared with me the exact year for they couldn’t forget this good memory, it was 2017. I remember the crowd hush more then we usually do loving the Indecline video as Get Dead made their debut i believe on the PRB stage! And Shit they really powered their way into my hearts when they joined up with my Anarchist crush crew, Indecline. A killer political merge of fuckin beauty as they showed in the video again this year with Pepperspray!! Come tag us up anytime you want Sam, you Pyro!!

Another album i thought worth mentioning was Public Enemy's since it's been like 20yrs!!

Those who love their early 90’s rap have long awaited the new PE release! Public Enemy bathed us in their knowledge of 2020 with a new album, “What you gonna do when the grid goes down? Guest musicians from Ice T, Cypress HIll, Run DMC, Beastie boys, George Clinton and many more! DOPE AF check it out!

Alright and onto my top 10 from Roots Reggae, Mainly punk but some Dance too! #1 My reggae hippie Roots come out here with my top number one being Sinsemilia. Sung amazingly by the women of Black Uhuru. Required emo support besides Music, my women & my weed🤘💋 #2 Sound system...cuz hell yeah music can't be your number one if you don't got a sound system to bring it back up💋 #3 Don't let me down yeah this is definitely not Punk but I fuckin blasted for days! Danced so fuckin’ hard! I was screaming it to the universe when we got quarantine and I found out about my husband's affair. I wasn't screaming don't let me down to him, well partly, I was definitely screaming into the universe because of the huge shit going down for everybody! And to my own self really for I can't let myself down 🤘 Sick fuckin dance song Chainsmokers! #4. Well because we just can say fuck it all with Beer by Reel Big Fish yeah you can imagine why I would play this song! you won't bother me no more! Not to mention you can't f****** not help but move to this Ska! #5 Last Caress yeah that's because Danzig's power can overtake me so I don't feel any emotion but his Rippling intensity Last Caress definitely a good one to say fuck the world with! #6. Skate or Die just a fuckin tight Jam, Teenage Bottlerocket just keep going with this. It's definitely one of the classics as we all know and we've just fallen in love watching Ray and Milo. That kid's a freaking phenom #7 Keep Your Head Up 2Tupac how as you can imagine Mama keep your head up we got it kill for a women heel for women be real for women will the real men stand up💪🏼 God bless you 2pac rest in peace you were taken away too soon #8 Bent but not Broken by Face to Face definitely my theme song! Why? 'cuz i’m a stretchy motherfucker! this is totally me not only a sick Rhythm. Lyrics that I needed: Bent but you just won’t break! Some things will never change! Don’t believe the lies they feed! why do we pursue the truth even though it’s hard to do! #9. Sing for your supper yeah we all thought maybe we might end up doing this! so sick! love Brenna Red's sultry powerful voice is like a female Danzig with how her haunting sound envelops you. Listening to it right now while I write this I have to head bang! I was nicknamed by my crew in high school, Animal (Drummer from the Muppets honest!) I just love to throw my hair around and Last Gang lets you throw your hair and horns #10. Last and least Linoleum Fuckin Fat Mike, Melvin, Sanders and El Hefe can whip out a killer speed beat, bad in the day!! oh my God the faster the better and this one was definitely when they could go fast!! Well shit we all needed the linoleum to fuckin support our heads! Well I hope you all had really awesome music last this year to help support you! This community I know did!! Through this shit we grew! love to hear what songs came thru for you!

Ed note: We actually have a post in the works that will answer that question & will include top album of 2020 choices from multiple Mables. Look for it soon.


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