Shannon's Summer Playlist

July 16, 2018


It's officially the start of the season. Summer is the time for a lot of really great things: beer drinking, BBQing, camping, lake time and bonfires, to name a few.

Any music fan knows that all of these activities are made exponentially better by an amazing summer soundtrack.


Now, I happen to be a strong believer in seasonal playlists. There are certain songs that just feel as though they were meant to be listened to in the sunshine.  To me, this doesn't necessarily mean they're songs about summer. They just FEEL like summer. 

I have compiled my personal playlist for hot, sunny, summer days ( and cold beer.....always beer).



Road Rash- Mad Caddies
Books About Miles Davis- The Ergs
Kehoe- Less Than Jake
Geocities Kitty- Chixdiggit 
Showdown- Propagandhi 

Outta Hand-The Bombpops
Bullion- Millencolin
It's Quite Alright- Rancid
Sound System- Operation Ivy

Beer- Reel Big Fish
The Bridge- The Loved Ones
Bikeage- Descendants 
E Dagger- Lagwagon
Disconnected- Face To Face
Eulogy- The Flatliners
Keaseby Nights- Catch 22
Beat Your Heart Out- The Distillers 
Spin My History- The Penske File
Crime spree- Masked Intruder





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