#1: Tickets to Punk Rock Bowling
We don't know the entire line-up yet, but the 20th anniversary of PRB is sure to be amazing.  Get your tickets today, if for no other reason, to hang with US and other Mable Syndrome friends. 
#2: Bombpops Hoodie
I pretty much live in this thing.  It's awesome! Buying this sweatshirt not only supports a rad, frothy band, but our buddies who own Stupid Rad Merch. This is in Men's sizes, so Kristen and Jessica wear a Small.  
#3 Caesar Mix
Jessica's tried and true drink makes most of us want to vomit, but this is definitely on her wish list.  (While you are at it, throw in some vodka or tequila)
#4: Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner
Everyone knows this eyeliner is the bees-knees.  Don't attempt a punk rock winged eye without it.  
#5: Merch!
Mable Girls like to support their favorite musicians by rocking the merch they sell. This means buy the books, the vinyl, the songs on iTunes, posters and shirts at the shows. This way they can afford to keep on making the music we love so much.
Melodic Virtue has put out this amazing coffee table book showcasing the band's last 25 years. Read comments from fans and other musicians, and see some old school photos of the band members from the last 25 years.
# 7: LUSH Bath Bomb
Because self-care is an important thing for the Mable in your life, and you should buy this to remind her. 
#8: Safety pin necklace
We would SO rock this cute necklace.  It's on sale, so scoop it up for you and your co-Mable.  
#9: Operation Ivy Lyric Painting
Grab an original Jesse Michaels painting.  There are lyric paintings and other artwork on his website.  Click the painting to direct you there.  I'll take one of each, thanks!
#10: Lululemon Leggings
I am obsessed!  I just bought a pair and literally wash them every day so I can wear them over and over again.  Expensive, but worth it!  Buttery soft, hugs in the right places, super flattering and a matte black color. Comfy enough to lounge around the house, thick enough to wear out and about. I just wore with a band shirt to a show and felt great! This is the splurge of the list, so just buy it for yourself because you deserve it. 
#11: Third Love Bra
I swear, I will never buy a bra from anywhere else again.  The T-shirt bra is amazing.  You can find your perfect fit, or send it back for free if it's not awesome.  But trust us on this; these bras are as close to perfection as it gets (perfection is no bra). 
#12: Defend P.O.C. Punk shirt by Rebuilder
P.O.C. stands for People of Color.  We would love to see more of this in the punk community, and Rebuilder is giving proceeds from this shirt to MALDEF. Bonus, this shirt is soft, long sleeves, and supports a favorite band, Rebuilder.  This is in Men's sizes, so Kristen and Jessica wear a Small.